Prix et distinctions


Already as a child, Sybil was devoted to painting, and she was very soon fascinated by the portrait. Very early she felt what her life would be made of, and what her path would be.

She followed lectures at High National School of Applied Arts (“Duperré”) in Paris (1990). In her work she aims at telling the human being in its purest and most intimate dimension. Whether it be during her travels, or more recently on motherhood and old age subjects, she catches and translates the looks, as open windows on souls, with great intensity and accuracy. Her personal line of approach, between dreamlike and symbolic painting, is to tell our common destiny (life, love and death) by leaving a trace of our individualities.

Her two favorite techniques, on portraits and all day life scenes, are undeniably oil on linen and ink on paper. She more recently introduced mixed techniques such as chalk and acrylic on gray-brown paper. Whatever techniques she chooses, a state of the art mastery of drawing remains the starting point of the works she builds.

She has been member of numerous panel of judges for many years, and has been giving painting lessons for various audiences.


Artist’s milestones

“Memory and Identity” exhibition, Clos de l’Oseraie in Osny (Val d’Oise)
“Storks’ spring” exhibition, Château de Grouchy in Osny (Val d’Oise)
“Mediterranean contemporary art show”, in Aix en Provence (Bouches du Rhône)
“Affordable art show”, in Paris
“Children and mothers’ ballads”, house of birth at René Dubos hospital in Pontoise (Val d’Oise)
Personal exhibition, Sainte-Marie clinic in Osny (Val d’Oise)
Personal exhibition, Arts centre of Soisy sous Montmorency (Val d’Oise)
Personal exhibition, Moulin de la Renardière in Osny (Val d’Oise)
Personal exhibition, Arts centre of Moisselle (Val d’Oise)
Pontoise art show (Val d’Oise)
Meulan art show (Yvelines)
Personal exhibition in Parmain (Val d’Oise)
Art exhibition during the international day for women’s rights in Cergy (Val d’Oise)
Personal exhibition in Cergy “les villageoises” (Val d’Oise)
Illustration of Sandrine Villers’ novel  « New Orleans, Louisiana », L’Harmattan
Personal exhibition, Château de Grouchy, Osny (Val d’Oise)
Personal exhibition , François Villon centre in Saint Prix (Val d’Oise)
Personal exhibition, La Maison du Passeur in Herblay (Val d’Oise)


Prizes and awards

Work on paper prize, Colombes art show (92).
Drawing prize, Biennale de Vaucresson (78).
 council’s award at Plessis Bouchard art show
Painting first prize in Tri-Châteaux art show
Prize of 36th art show in Plessis Bouchard
Examiners’ prize at Précy sur Oise art show (subject : circus wolrd)
Examiners’ prize at Epinay art show
Examiner’s first prize at spring art show in Neuville sur Oise
Public’s prize at light art show in Maurecourt.

© Sybil Aubin 2010 | Conception Élodie Brondoni